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Pilates Teacher Training Shivley KY

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Have you dreamed of getting your Pilates teaching certification? To make your dreams come true, you need the proper Pilates education. With Pilates Fit Studio, we provide world-class Pilates certification courses. 

Pilates Fit Studio follows the original classical Pilates from the mind of Joseph Pilates himself. Alycea Ungaro, who studied under one of Joseph Pilates’ original students, is the head Pilates instructor of our studio. Alycea is proud to pass down his knowledge to thoseinterested in teaching pilates. 

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Pilates Certification

We offer a comprehensive program, both for first-time students and graduate students. Pilates Fit Studio is here to start your training as soon as you are ready! First, you will enroll in our e-program to hit the ground running.

Our Pilates certification course spans over 30 weeks and 600+ hours of training. In addition, you will need to spend four consecutive weekends in our studio for weekend seminars. The vigorous practice schedule sets our globally notorious training apart from other studios.

Our graduate program is perfect for Piltaes teachers who want to complete the mastery of a Pilates education. The course expands on the basics for those who want to take their teachings further. Over 450+ hours, you will learn everything there is to know about classical pilates.

Do you want to help others to be their best selves? Pilates teacher training in Shively, KY by Pilates Fit Studio will get you there. 

Pilates Exercises

In addition to receiving third generational techniques, you will train on the original Gratz machines. Joseph Pilate’s student, Romana Kryzanowska, worked with the Gratz family to preserve the exact dimensions of the Pilates apparatus as Joseph Pilates envisioned them. As direct grand-students of Romana Kryzanowska, you will conduct Pilates exercises using the same machines as Joseph Pilates.

Our mat exercises focus on the classical technique’s anatomical precision. We will advance your learning through hands-on work, strategic sequencing, and a community mindset. To perfect your Pilates exercise for future instruction, contact Pilates Fit Studio.

Pilates Teacher Training in Shively, KY

You will need to be at our in-house location for our weekend seminars. The town setting of Shively, Kentucky, offers a quiet escape from the bustle of Louisville. There are many affordable hotels in the area for your accommodations.

Famous for being the suburb of Louisville, Shively, Kentucky, is a peaceful little region. Whether taking a tour through Stitzel-Weller Distillery or driving down Route 31 West, Shively, KY, is a great place to stay. Louisville Memorial Park is an excellent place to practice in a natural setting.

Pilates Teaching Certification

Pilates Fit Studio is the home of the original classical Pilates techniques. We believe in solid team building and support transformative education. Our lineage-based courses will be the foundation for your career as a Pilates instructor.

Have you always wanted to make your passion into your career? Do you want to help others make peace with their bodies? If so, consider obtaining your Pilates teaching certification with Pilates Fit Studio.

Call Pilates Fit Studio at (502) 797-5068 to enroll in Pilates Teacher Training in Shively, KY.