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What people are saying

true to the core

Bobbi Crumble
February 7, 2023

Fantastic experience from start to finish! Getting started is a smooth process, very informative and answered any questions that came to mind before and during lessons. The attention to detail, education, and sense of comfort offered here is phenomenal. They also offer classes that accommodate a wide range of budgets, schedules, and skill sets which is a huge plus. I’m currently doing my introductory lessons with Shannon and would recommend Pilates Fit Studio to anyone interested in getting started!

Jarret Green
October 29, 2022

Pilates Fit Studio is an appealing location inside and out. The staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, and adaptable. Whether you have no idea what Pilates is, or if you've been doing it for decades, Pilates Fit has an instructor for you. Come learn how to use all your muscles!

Natalie Gagliordi
October 25, 2022

I'm so thankful to have found Pilates Fit Studio over two years ago. Erica Walters and her team of top-notch instructors have helped me build strength and stamina and foster a lifelong love of classical Pilates. I highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a transformative and fun workout.

Carol Powell
October 3, 2022

Absolutely LOVE this studio! The instructors are excellent and very knowledgeable especially in dealing with my osteoporosis. The equipment is top notch and well maintained. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who takes their health and Pilates seriously.

Susan Munroe
September 29, 2022

Shannon West has been great to work with. She always takes into consideration what my body is capable of and makes modifications depending on how I feel that day. I really appreciate her knowledge, experience, and empathy!

Jennifer Hughes
September 20, 2022

Classical Pilates is a game changer when it comes to exercise. The knowledge of the teachers is amazing. I feel like they train my body whatever shape it is in that week ( whether stiff from traveling or flexible from continuous Pilates workouts). The Pilates methodology just makes sense to me and I feel confident with all the teachers knowing they have a full comprehensive classical training. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who is interested in gaining strength, balance, and flexibility.

Carol Abrams
August 9, 2022

The instructors are classically trained and they are wonderful. The equipment is top-notch. I go twice a week and I’m stronger and my posture has improved.

July 20, 2022

Great workout! Shannon is awesome! Highly recommend this studio

Amanda Ott
July 19, 2022

I love pilates!!! It has truly changed my life. This is the first exercise/strength regimen that I have stuck with for any length of time, and I really enjoy my time in the studio. Shannon was so amazing in forming a program exactly for my pre and post-operative needs, my recovery was certainly expedited by my time with her.

Cathy Steinfeld
July 18, 2022

I have had the pleasure of working with every instructor at Pilates Fit Studio. They are all amazing! Each of them has their own teaching style and their direction and patience makes me look forward to each and every session. I highly recommend Pilates Fit Studio … they are the best!!

Penny Peavler
July 9, 2022

Pilates Fit Studio is an incredible place to study. Erica, Susan, Shannon, and Lauren are wonderful guides who work with each client to ensure the best possible practice with maximum safety. I look forward to my semi private lessons each week and highly recommend Pilates Fit Studio.

Sarah Kate Keith
June 12, 2022

Erica has created an amazing studio with a hands on approach in reaching the specific goals of each client. Highly recommend!