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Pilates for Beginners

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Are You Considering Trying Pilates?

Pilates is a very beginner-friendly workout if you start under the supervision of a certified teacher. At our Louisville Pilates studio, we teach the classical Pilates method, a complete movement system designed to strengthen your whole body while working on stability, stamina, and stretch. This famous strength-training workout uses spring-driven apparatus to strengthen and condition your entire body.

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Erica Walters, the owner of Pilates Fit Studio in Louisville KY, is teaching a private beginner Pilates session

What type of Pilates session should I take?

At Pilates Fit Studio, we firmly believe that private Pilates is the best way to start your Pilates practice, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. Private sessions allow you to work on your specific health goals and get the most out of your training program. These private sessions make Pilates such an incredible beginner-friendly form of exercise that is safe and effective. Each lesson will be personalized to give you a strong foundation, help you gain new skills, and work towards your goals. You will get familiar with the essential apparatus setup instructions to move forward into a duet or small group Pilates class. 

What to Expect During a Beginner Pilates Private Session

No matter your fitness level, beginner Pilates is where it all starts. From athletes to fitness newbies, we begin with the foundational beginner system. The beginner system Pilates exercises will become the building blocks for intermediate and advanced exercises.

During your beginner Pilates sessions in Louisville, your teacher thoroughly explains everything: when to change the spring setting, the choreography, the number of repetitions, and how to get on and off the apparatus. The beginner exercises are not easy, but they are effective and safe for everyone. You will sweat and get a challenging workout.

At the end of each workout, your trainer will update your account with SOAP notes so that you can always see your progress and what needs to be worked on.

Introductory Private Package with Junior Instructor

3 Privates Sessions
with Instructors in Training


The junior instructors have completed 400 hours of their 600-hour Real Pilates Teacher Training certification program. At this novice level, training focuses on the fundamentals and working within the system of the method. During this time, junior instructors slowly build fundamental skills under close supervision of certified teachers.

*Junior instructor rates are subject to availability


Pilates Mat Exercise to build stability and strength

To begin your lesson, your trainer will place you on a stable surface, either the classical raised mats or the Cadillac, to work on strength and stability with the mat exercises.


Beginner System on the Reformer

As your teacher gains information through your movements, you will move to the reformer and begin working through the beginner system.

Woman taking a beginner Pilates session on the reformer at Pilates Fit Studio in Louisville KY
Beginner Pilates exercises on the chair

Working on Individual Needs

After completing exercises on the mat and the reformer, your trainer will assess your strengths, asymmetries, and areas that need improvement to decide where to take you next. These are your individual needs. You might end up using the highchair to work on stability or small barrels if you need to improve spinal mobility and activate the powerhouse.


Alignment and Standing Balance and Stability

To end, we make sure you are standing tall with either an alignment check on the wall or the arm weight series to work with shifting gravity while building strength in the upper body.

Pilates instructor teacher a beginner-level Pilates session in a classical Pilates studio in Louisville  KY

Enhance Your Life with Pilates

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Introductory Beginner Pilates Private Packages

3 Private Sessions

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Work with a Pilates instructor in training

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Custom Designed Workout with a certified instructor

5 Private Sessions

with a Level 2-3 Instructor


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