Louisville Classical Pilates Teacher Certification

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Pilates Fit Studio in Louisville is a trusted partner and branch of New York’s renowned, Real Pilates Teacher Training®. The Real Pilates program is recognized as one of the most prestigious and comprehensive certifications in the world.

The team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors will mentor you throughout the Pilates teacher training program in Louisville, preparing you for a long and successful career of teaching the method – to carry on the legacy of Joseph Pilates.

Mr. Pilates gave his signature body of work to Romana Kryzanowska when he passed, and she gave them to Alycea Ungaro. Alycea now offers them to you through our Real Pilates Teacher Training® program. 


  1. Primary Training Certification: This is a 30-week program presented over four seminar weekends, and 600+ hours of practical and academic study. You will learn the system of the method, anatomy, anatomical alignment, special populations, injuries, and how to apply it to today’s exerciser. You’ll learn every exercise, every variation, and every piece of apparatus ever created by Joseph Pilates. Our approach to Pilates teacher training in Louisville will set you up for success with a career as a professional instructor and you will be hireable anywhere in the world with the Real Pilates name. 
  2. Graduate Program: Already a certified comprehensive Pilates teacher wanting to dive deeper into the classical work? Bridge with us in our graduate program! Learn the “why” of the system, fill in your blanks, and develop your program design skills from the ground up. You will become a part of a distinct lineage of teachers connected to Joseph Pilates, and become a 3rd generation teacher. The graduate program is a 450-hour comprehensive program.

“The life’s work of Joseph Pilates is not something we can fast track, and the responsibility we all share in promoting and preserving the legacy of Pilates is a profound one” – Alycea Ungaro


The lineage system helps to preserve Pilates’ original teachings so that they can be passed down as accurately and canonically as possible to future students. It also guarantees that only the highest quality of training is provided to future apprentices.

Learn all there is to know about Classical Pilates at Pilates Fit Studio, Louisville’s first and only Classical Pilates studio. We run 6-week and 12-week “Teacher Training Preparation” courses regularly, pre-register for our next one by emailing: [email protected]


  • Targeted goal setting
  • Strategic Sequencing
  • Program Design
  • Anatomical Alignment
  • Anatomy
  • Hands-on-work
  • Advanced Cueing


To teach the Classical work you have to train on the original equipment design. For decades Real Pilates® has had a close working relationship with the original manufacturer of Joseph Pilates’ designs,  Gratz®


Accepting Applications for Summer 2022

Due to the academic intensity of our Pilates certification program in Louisville, and the mentoring needed, we only accept 4 apprentices per cycle.

Program Overview

  • 4 Seminar weekends
  • Weekly academic assignments, case studies, and quizzes
  • Program Design
  • Practice Teaching
  • Observation
  • Anatomy and Alignment
  • Safe spotting & Hands-on
  • Weekly Personal Training Sessions
  • Weekly Small Group Sessions
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Practical Assessments
  • Assisted Teaching
  • Paid Teaching Opportunities
  • The Business of Pilates

Application Requirements


Pilates Fit Studio and Director of Education in NYC

  • Be prepared to explain your understanding of Classical Pilates.
  • Be prepared to discuss your history with the Pilates method as well as your personal plans for becoming a Pilates Instructor.


You will be asked to demonstrate a full classical Pilates workout to the best of your ability. We will guide you through exercises, sometimes naming movements, sometimes asking what you do next in your typical workout.  

Personal Statement:

This is your opportunity to share a little bit about who you are, what you care about, what you intend to do with this program, and your “why” for becoming a certified classical Pilates teacher.

How to Prepare:

In order to begin the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program in Louisville, applicants must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in the classical Pilates repertoire. Generally, most successful candidates have been practicing Pilates before entering the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program.

2 Options:

  1. 6-week prep program: Personal training sessions, semi-private small group sessions, and academics to help you prepare for the program and your assessment.
  2. Weekly personal training sessions and small group sessions to help you prepare for the program and your assessment.

Apprentices need to be able to commit a minimum of 15 hours per week in the studio for their apprenticeship, the four-weekend seminars, 2-4 hours each week of academics, and the required test-outs.

Start Your Real Teacher Training Journey

Part I: Informational interview with studio owner, Erica Walters, at Pilates Fit Studio

Part II: Submit your 2022 application to www.realpilates.com
Part III: Interview and Assessment, by invitation with New York.
Part III: Demonstrate completion of the prerequisite course work or entry-level proficiency prior to the start date.

We inspire students to greatness, teachers to excellence, and the industry to evolve and expand with our Louisville Pilates teacher training program.

real pilates logo Real Pilates


Alycea Ungaro founder of Real Pilates

Published authority on fitness and wellness, and a pioneer of the Pilates method, Alycea Ungaro brought some of the very first mat Pilates classes to New York City. Both the method and Alycea built a devoted following as people flocked to her classes.

Alycea has expanded her popular Pilates classes into a fitness media empire. Her first multi-media project was the innovative Portable Pilates™, an easy-to-use at-home mat workout. Best-selling titles followed including; Pilates: Body in MotionThe Pilates Promise, and The Pilates Practice Companion, Alycea’s most comprehensive book. Her 15 Minute Everyday Pilates was an international bestseller. A new edition of Pilates: Body in Motion was released in 2019 a re-worked version of 15-Minute Everyday Pilates was released in 2020.

Alycea has traveled widely as a guest teacher, hosting retreats at world-famous locations such as Amangani in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She has trained scores of celebrities including Madonna, Uma Thurman, Kyra Sedgewick, Claire Danes, and Molly Sims. Together with long-time client Christy Turlington, Alycea collaborated on a “Pilates Booty” for Puma. The booty was aptly named “The Alycea.”

In addition to her Pilates expertise, Ungaro is a licensed Physical Therapist having graduated from New York University’s prestigious program.  She holds a Master‘s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition as well as a certification in Peri-natal exercise and is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.

Her commitment to the industry led her to create her comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program where she shares the method as she learned it directly from her teacher, Joseph Pilates’ protege’, Romana Kryzanowska. The Real Pilates Teacher Training program is now conducted internationally and has graduated hundreds of professional Pilates instructors around the globe.

Contact us for details on our Pilates certification program in Louisville. Get certified in the Authentic Method with Real Pilates NYC or apply now.