Behind everything are three core values that define Pilates Fit Studio.

  • People Matter
  • Leaders Inspire
  • Excellence Rules

Our Mission Is Simple

Pilates Fit Studio in Louisville is a place of community and transformation. We take great pride in how we teach Classical Pilates and how we work to serve you.

Integrity Of The Method

We hear the word “classical” get thrown around a lot when talking about Pilates, but what exactly does it mean? How does Classical Pilates differ from contemporary renditions of the method? Let’s break it down.

Classical vs. Contemporary Pilates

So what is Classical Pilates? Quite simply, Classical Pilates refers to the traditional series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, performed in the precise sequence he had intended, on the apparatus he designed, with the purpose of achieving complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.

Teacher Certification.

Aspiring instructors must undergo rigorous and comprehensive training and are required to complete a minimum of 600 hours to become certified. What’s more, they must train under a teacher whose lineage can be traced back to Joseph Pilates himself.

What does this mean? Back when Joseph Pilates was running his studio in the US, a group of individuals—Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Lolita San Miguel, and Eve Gentry, to name just a few—worked and trained directly under him. These individuals later became known as First Generation Pilates instructors. After Joseph Pilates died, they went on to teach his method to Second Generation Pilates instructors and so on.

The lineage system helps to preserve Pilates’ original teachings so that they can be passed down as accurately and canonically as possible to future students. It also guarantees that only the highest quality of training is provided to future apprentices.

Learn all there is to know about Classical Pilates at Pilates Fit Studio, Louisville’s first and only Classical Pilates studio. We run 6-week and 12-week “Teacher Training preparation” courses regularly, and pre-register for our next prep course by emailing: [email protected]

The teachers at Pilates Fit Studio in Louisville have spent years and have invested heavily (and continue to do so) in our education to give you the most complete Pilates experience we can. Our training has taken years of commitment and practice to preserve the original work created by Joseph Pilates as it was intended, on the original and historical apparatus.

Joseph H. Pilates spent his life perfecting his method. Experience what a century of tradition can do for you in our studio Pilates environment in Louisville.