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Semi-Private Small Group Pilates Classes

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Semi-Private Small Group Pilates Classes

Each Pilates class at our Louisville studio is a scheduled session with a small group of 3-4 participants. You will always use spring-driven equipment like Reformer and Tower units, barrels, raised upholstered mats, and auxiliary equipment.

We book your Pilates class like our standing time slots for private lessons. We want each of our instructors to know you by name and know what your body needs to provide you with the care and focus you deserve.

Expect detailed instructions, hands-on cues, and individual corrections for proper alignment and form.

You must take 4-6 private lessons before entering our group environment. Our Introductory private session package is the perfect way to begin.

All semi-private small groups Pilates classes use a combination of the reformer, tower units, barrels, raised upholstered mats, and auxiliary equipment to tone, sculpt, and redefine your body.

To keep the group Pilates classes at our studio in Louisville safe and maintain the flow, all class participants must be injury-free, have a good understanding of equipment safety, can see and hear the teacher, and do not require hands-on assistance for stability in getting up and down from the floor or onto and off the apparatus. If you require accommodations for injuries, vision, hearing, speech, or mobility barriers (such as unstable balance or difficulty moving up and down from the floor unassisted), please contact the studio to discuss your needs before registering for a Pilates class near Louisville, KY. We are happy to offer personalized instruction in a 1:1 setting during private Pilates sessions in our Louisville studio. Still, we cannot significantly alter the workout to adjust for mobility limitations in group sessions due to the nature of our studio setup. Thank you for being so understanding.

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