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The Pilates Fit Studio Concierge Service


An ideal training program is 2-3 workouts a week which gives your body and mind the opportunity to create and retain new movement habits.

Our white-glove concierge service is designed to help you achieve optimal fitness results by providing you with a complete Pilates workout experience at our East Louisville studio.

Priority booking
Create consistency for quick and lasting results.
Concierge pricing reflects a discount on rates.
1 FREE late cancel per Contract
Worry-free monthly auto-renewal.
A 4-month minimum commitment is required.
All prices are subject to KY sales tax

Private Training

Level 1 Certified

4 Per Month$268
8 Per Month$520
12 Per Month$762

Private Training

Level 2 Certified

4 Per Month$320
8 Per Month$624
12 Per Month$900

Private Training

Level 3 Certified 

4 Per Month$340
8 Per Month$696
12 Per Month$1020

Small Groups  

3-4 People

4 Semis Per Month$118
8 Semis Per Month$226
12 Semis Per Month$312

Package rates

Too busy for a concierge option?

Choose one of our casual, no-commitment options for Pilates workouts and semi-private small group classes at our East Louisville studio.

60-day expiration on all packages
All prices are subject to KY sales tax


Private Training

Package of 4$164
Package of 8$312

Semi-Private Small Groups

Package of 8$108

The junior instructors have completed 400 hours of their 600-hour Real Pilates Teacher Training certification program. At this novice level, training focuses on fundamentals and working within the system of the method. During this time, junior instructors slowly build fundamental skills under close supervision of certified instructors.

*Junior Instructor rates are subject to availability

Level 1 Certified

Private Training

Package of 4$292
Package of 8$560

Duet Training

Package of 4$192
Package of 8$360
*All duet rates are per person

At this level, your teacher has 1-3 years of experience in the industry and extensive training in the Classical Pilates method. They are continuing to gain and develop their skills.

Level 2 Certified

Private Training

Package of 4$340
Package of 8$660

Duet Training

Package of 4$240
Package of 8$440
*All duet rates are per person

L2 Senior Pilates Instructors combine teaching expertise with continuous education to excel in custom program designs for diverse client goals and needs. They are adept in managing advanced clients with special conditions and injuries, offering skilled, creative instruction in both private and small group settings.

Level 3 Certified

Private Training

Package of 4$360
Package of 8$680

Duet Training

Package of 4$260
Package of 8$480
*All duet rates are per person

L3 Premier Pilates Instruction. Masters of their craft and have the highest demand for their services. L3 teachers have decades of experience, advanced education, multiple Classical Pilates certifications, and have completed graduate programs in Classical Pilates. They specialize in areas like osteoporosis, bad backs, functional movement for corrective exercise, and strategic program design.

Semi-Private Small Groups Rates

Small Groups 3-4 People

Package of 4$140
Package of 8$256