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Classical Pilates Teacher Training in Old Louisville, KY

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Are you looking for a comprehensive program to help you teach Pilates? At Pilates Fit Studio, we invite you to embark on your Pilates teaching journey with us. We offer the appropriate certification for you, whether you are just starting or advancing your Pilates career.

From the moment you decide that you are ready to start teaching Pilates, we’re here to help. Our e-learning platform is accessible immediately to get you going. After completing beginner assignments, you will perform on the floor, putting theory into practice. 

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Pilates Teaching Certification

Pilates Fit Studio is a proud member of the RPTT, the Real Pilates Teacher Training program. Our integrative teaching sessions will immerse you in a 30-week training program. Comprised of four weekends of seminar classes, the 600+ hours of training will equip you with everything you need to know about teaching Pilates. 

The course load ranges from 18-22 hours a week to maintain continuous focus. By the end, you will emerge as a prestigious teacher in classical Pilates. 

Joe Pilates believed that you could not bypass lasting success. In that spirit, you will need to attend each seminar to take in the teachings fully. If you cannot make each consecutive training weekend, we will help you find a different set of time slots. 

We also offer a graduate program to enrich current Pilates teachers further, helping them master their craft. Our anatomical-focused classes help you learn more about your training and how it affects the body.

Are you ready? Pilates Teacher Training in Old Louisville, KY, is waiting for you. 

Classical Pilates

Pilates exercises are the foundation of what we do, but you can expect to learn much more. We celebrate the lineage of Joe Pilates and his classical teachings. By working with our Pilates instructors, you will become part of that lineage.

Pilates Fit Studio offers original third-generational teaching from the mind of Joe Pilates himself. His direct students had their own students, and those are our teachers. So you’re not just becoming a Pilates instructor; you’re passing on the coveted teachings of a renowned master.

Pilates Certification in Old Louisville, KY

Combine the charm of Old Louisville, KY, with the historic schooling from Pilates Fit Studio. As a pedestrian-focused city, Old Lousiville, KY makes residents feel like they’re living in a park. The Victorian architecture, plentiful gardens, and whimsical fountains offer a tranquil setting.  The famous Central Park is a magical place to reassess your daily teachings. Or maybe you would instead reflect in front of the grand Ohio River. Either way, the perfect temperature and idyllic scenery of Old Louisville, KY, make it almost tailor-made for your Pilates teaching certification

Pilates Teacher Training- Old Louisville, KY

Pilates Fit Studio works as a team to cultivate your Pilates education. Our focus is to elevate your abilities and honor the community. You will graduate with a renewed sense of practice and official Pilates certification. 

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If you’re interested in becoming a Pilates instructor, the best way to get started is with Pilates teacher training in Old Louisville, KY. Our teacher training program provides intensive instruction from experienced instructors and gives you all the tools you need to start working as a professional instructor.