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true to the core

Get ready to HIIT the ground running.

We want you to experience how this group of expert fitness teachers in Louisville will get you fit in just 10 days.

Before you begin today’s workout, we want to share a few tips on being successful and staying on track during the Fit & healthy 10 Day Program, so you can really see results by the end. The key to success is commitment and consistency in your workouts. Are you ready to show up for yourself? Let’s do it!


Yes! You heard right! The small changes you make every day lead to big gains over time. You’ll see a difference after just 10 days. Save time and work out at home. Prioritize your health and work out with experienced professionals. 

We also took the guesswork out of working out by bringing you a variety of fitness modalities. The workouts take just 30 minutes and you’re done!


If you are new to strength training, be sure to pace yourself by doing 1 or 2 workouts a week. Leave 1-2 days between workouts for rest and recovery, allowing your muscles to repair. 

Building muscle happens as a result of tiny micro-tears when you work out. As your muscles repair themselves, they grow stronger and larger! This is why it is crucial for you to rest between workouts. If you do too much too soon, you can overload your muscles and injure yourself.

DAY 1 WORKOUT: Full Body HIIT with Brandon

Now that you’re ready, set up your space, and jumpstart your day with today’s workout. Brandon will lead you through

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