Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. It’s good for your heart, it stimulates digestion, boosts metabolism, increases circulation and aids the immune system. And the endorphins released by physical activity produce a feeling of well-being. You can’t beat that.

Did you know that endorphins are our body’s natural sedative? Their calming effect fights anxiety and feelings of depression. In addition to these benefits, men and women over 35 need to exercise to keep muscle tone and bone density. 

Plus, let’s not forget how great you feel. The satisfaction of overcoming obstacles to get your workout in is the best mood booster. Your increased energy and stronger heart will show and your appearance will be healthy and fit, whatever your size and shape.
Learn more about great ways to de-stress in life by listening to these 10 great tips that Jennifer provides in her  10 Ways to De-Stress video.

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