Learn about the Pilates practice and how you can benefit from this unique workout routine.

Pilates has evolved over the past 100 years since its creation in the 1920s. It involves smooth, controlled movements that work on the entire body, including hip muscles, abdominal muscles, inner thigh muscles, gluteal muscles, and back muscles.

Since Pilates focuses on the quality of movement, many feel rejuvenated after a Pilates workout instead of feeling exhausted. Let’s explore some of the significant benefits of practicing Pilates at Pilates Fit Studio, a top-rated Pilates studio in Louisville, KY.

Pilates Promotes Weight Loss

Practicing Pilates can help you maintain a healthy weight. A small study conducted in 2017 showed that practicing Pilates for eight weeks was effective for weight loss, body conditioning, lowering BMI, and reducing abdomen circumference.

However, Pilates may not be as effective for weight loss as other cardio exercises because it burns fewer calories. If your primary goal is to lose weight or build lean muscle, combining Pilates mat exercises with a healthy diet and other cardio exercises will yield the best results.

Pilates Strengthens the Whole Body

Pilates is simply resistance training. It is more than the mat, more than the reformer, it is a complete system of movement. We use springs and bodyweight exercises to develop a strong core and condition the whole body. 

When doing your sessions, you will have a limited number of people inside by appointment only and fully supervised. There is a dedicated apparatus for each student. There is a rhythm to the schedule and the routine that moves in tandem with your instructor. 

If you want to increase your core strength, Pilates may be the perfect exercise for you. The core region of the body encompasses the stomach, hip, and buttock muscles that ensure body stability when strengthened and flexible.

Pilates promotes core strengthening and function. With a strong core, you won’t have to worry about pelvic floor dysfunction and hip and back pain.

Pilates Promotes Mindfulness and Body Awareness

This exercise routine ensures you are conscious of your whole body as you build strength. Conventional strength training exercises, such as weightlifting, condition you to push your body beyond its limits.

You may not always be conscious of your body during a conventional workout, making it easier to overlook critical signs of strain or injury. On the other hand, Pilates classes help you identify and work within your body’s limits.

Pilates sessions also encompass mindfulness and various breathing exercises that improve blood circulation in the brain and help ease tension and stress.

Pilates Exercise Minimizes Injuries

Pilates balances muscle tension, ensuring the muscles are not too loose or tight. Your body will be more prone to injury if your muscles are too inflexible or weak. Pilates training aims to develop your dynamic strength, ensuring better joint support and stability while moving.

Pirates Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Pilates also improves flexibility and mobility. While flexibility is the degree to which muscles can stretch passively, mobility refers to a joint’s range of motion.

Flexibility and strength are essential for proper mobility. Pilates combines strengthening and stretching exercises, simultaneously improving strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Practice Pilates like Joseph Pilates Himself at Pilates Fit Studio

Now that you understand some Pilates benefits, you can enjoy them by joining a Pilates class with an experienced Pilates instructor. At Pilates Fit Studio, you will learn more about Classical Pilates, Pilates Reformer, and other beneficial forms of Pilates.

Call 502-797-5068 to book a Pilates session at one of Louisville’s top-rated Pilates studios and start the journey to enjoying all Pilates has to offer.

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